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Business model

Imagine that you have the coolest gaming center. Every day there are lines of people waiting to enter, 'plug in' and find themselves in outer space!

  • The neighbors will talk about it for ages

  • You can make 2-4 bookings a day

  • Each game lasts 1 hour

  • Each game can earn you up to $120

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4 games available

Cosmos Mind Horror Mind Horror Director's Cut Alice in Wonderland Stories: Crazy clockwork Dracula

About the game

  • Players fly in zero gravity, solve puzzles and shoot robots with lasers

  • It's multiplayer! Remember? Like the good old days when you went over to your friend's house to order a pizza, a Coke and play video games!


Christine L. Los Angeles, USA

"It really forces teamwork in a fun way. It was so cool being in an actual video game type experience and interacting with my teammates in the virtual world."

Jake T. Redmond, USA

"If you ever want a good team building activity, something fun to do with friends, or just want to finally know what it's like to have laser beam hands, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot. You won't regret it."


In the extended edition of MIND HORROR I liked the labyrinth and conveyor belt levels. The labyrinth one since it was challenging (here I was placed in a cockpit with the other players), and the conveyor belt one because another player’s life depended on you.


"Thank you Lostroom team! Several weeks ago I realized that the technology used in future Sci-fi movies is already here!"


"I had never worn a VR headset before...now the movie Avatar isn't such a fantasy! The amazing thing is that you can see everything around you by turning your head in different directions. Using your hands you can direct your avatar's hands, move objects, shoot lazers, and use telekinesis -- even just moving your hands in front of you is awesome because your avatar reflects all your movements. I loved the ability to fly in a space ship and outer space in any direction. Even just using a quest object was awesome! Everything that needs to be in an ordinary computer game is here but now: you get to experience them in reality!"


"4 Oculus Rift headsets and it's Ready, Steady, Go! You fly across a spaceship, operate a robot avatar (like in a movie) shoot lazers and more! What can I say, we're true VR fans now! So glad this is not just in the movies anymore!"


"What seems to be an ordinary room transforms us into cyborgs flying on an interplanetary spaceship across the stars towards certain death: all this by using VR headsets! I don't care that we didn't beat the game, it was just awesome! Now I can fly!"


"The graphics were excellent, the tasks not overly difficult, with good audio and assistance from the game operator. Sometimes your body refuses to go along with what your eyes see which makes for a completely new experience! Thank you for taking us to this faraway galaxy! Looking forward to new games!"


"When my roommate said she bought a robot vacuum I thought 'the future is coming'. Then, when I saw a man wearing a light-up sweater run past me on a St. Petersburg side street I thought, 'it really is coming'. I was convinced it was here after playing Lostroom's VR quest! It was a surreal feeling to see my hands in the form of a robotic spacesuit, move objects with telekinesis and fly in outer space. And this was all made possible through virtual reality, 'Cosmos' being the only multiplayer VR quest. I have been dreaming about this for the last 15 years, everyone needs to try it!"


I liked the extended edition. The parts designed to frighten the players worked like a charm on me, especially the spiders. As such, I wouldn’t say there are any problems with the scary moments. I would recommend it to friends.

Orlin Radev Sofia, Bulgaria

The Cosmos game is a total hit. When I first played it I was so impressed, I immediately knew I had to bring it to my hometown - Sofia, Bulgaria. In the first two weeks since we opened, we have had nothing but positive feedback. People are blown away by the experience. Worth-of-mouth marketing is working very well for us - everyone who has played the game is eager to share what an absolutely amazing experience it was, so people post on Facebook and invite friends to try it. As an entrepreneur I am happy to be one of the first in this new market for virtual reality entertainment and I can't think of a better formula than the one Avatarico came up with.

Yuri Popov Barcelona, Spain

We launched in January 2016. We had all the weekends booked in February . And we hosted 153 game sessions in March. not the last of it! VR games are the future, and Avatarico will be your guide to it.

Andreas Copenhagen, Denmark

Cosmos is a great VR experience and the theme is great too.

Dan Macovei Bucharest, Romania

VR CENTER is maximum interest not only for the final customer but also for some Investors in developing the brand, games, and application. Avatarico’s games are quite interesting and captivate the interest of the customer. Until now everything about collaborating with Avatarico was great and they are highly responsive to our emails.

About us

  • We have 12 real-life games in Barcelona and Saint Petersburg.

  • We are the first company in the world to launch team-based VR entertainment

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